How To Host Several Websites Under One Account

These days it is possible to run several websites under one account. If you have several sites under one account then it can be very expensive to sign up separately on these sites under same domain name. These sites may have their own domain name. Some companies offer you this feature with add-on facility. The add-on will allow you to open the different sites under one account and domain name. But still it is not a recommended practice to use several websites under one account. You can go for the reseller account instead of this.

Reseller account offer complete web design and hosting solutions at one place to the customers for hosting services. These accounts can be more expensive than the regular hosting accounts but with the help of this reseller account you can host different domain names without paying add-on fees and it will also make you more efficient in using your website space and bandwidth. It is good for you to choose the reseller account which will off you unlimited number of domains..

It may be possible that the hosting of main website is free. But in case of business website you require some space and bandwidth for your customers and you can do it with the reseller account. If you don’t have the reseller account then you can choose one main website from your domain names. You can be able to upgrade your website in reseller account without paying any extra fee.

First of all you will have to determine the number of sites for the hosting to find out the space and bandwidth of your sites. You will also keep in mind the number of visits of the customers on your sites. It all depends on your calculation. For example if you plan to run ten sites with 15 pages each with the average size of 50 kb and you are expecting that 100 customers will visit these sites daily then about 8 to 10 MB space will be enough and about 1GB bandwidth will be good.

The pricing is very important factor for several website because with the large number of site under one account you will have to spend large amount. It actually depends on your requirements. The hosting company you chose is also very important in this regard. So you should be clear about your needs and requirements.